Some people ask me to do an "INFO" section to know me better ^-^

So, here we go!  First, i'm a woman :)

About Me:

Name: Sylvie

Nickname: SissyB

Birthday: April, 18th 1978

Familly: I'm married with the best man of the world since 2005, we are in love & happy since 1999.

Location: France

Time Pixeling: since 2006

Occupation: graphic designer, i followed litterature stydies at the university, after that, i followed my passion for drawing. I love pixel art and 3D creations, i'd love to be video games creator...

Personality: i'm open-minded, i love to create all i can, all the time. I'm dreamer and nice. I always sing. I always want to learn. Want to know more? ~_^ just ask!


Hobbies:  drawing, pixelling, internet, designing clothes, Photoshop, MS Paint, reading, knitting, crochetting, cooking, i love to go to the cinema

Food: pizza!! icecreams, tomato soup, madeleines,

Fruit: apple, stawberry

Drink: strawberry water, milkshakes, cappuccino and TEA!!! can't survive without tea! ;)

Animal: cats, i've got a lot of cats

Books: depends on the mood i'm in, i can read anything, usually love stories or supernatural stories with vampires ;) But i don't like Twilight.

Games: adventure, oldschool games of NES or superNES , marios bros., the legend of zelda, the sims 2, DOA, Tekken, Allan Wake, all the resident evil, and so many others ^-^ I love too SINGSTAR & guitar Hero games! so fun!

Music: rock, pop

Artists: JENSEN ACKLES!!!! Tom Cruise are my 2 fav. Zack Efron, Jennifer Aniston, Vin Diesel.

Colors: pink, purple, lime green

Movies: 13 going on 30!!! Clueless, Grease, Die Hard all the 4, i love Disney movies, Romantic comedies, Dance films like "Sexy Dance", musical films too!

Cloth: PINK! most of the time.

TV: Supernatural, GREEK, Glee, Dr House, The Mentalist, Sons of Anarchy



I'm afraid with Butterflies, I hate hypocrisis and lies. I don't like Jazz music and Rap.

If you want to know more just ask :)


Here a little doll of me, i have long brown hair, hazelnuts eyes, i'm not tall but not small.

Thank you for your interest!