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My Latest Dolls

Because my doll section is under update my latest dolls can be found on this page, Thank you!


On My Bases


On 2 Blondes Bases  On Angychan's bases  On Apitchou's bases  Mouldycat's bases

On Kawaiihannah's bases    On Misfitghostdollz's bases  On Mistress-Jaeden's bases  On Mya's bases

On Jishin's bases  On Gabby's bases  On Hollay's bases  On Sushi's bases  On Thémis's bases    On Ephèbe's Bases

On Nikki's bases  On Quinqui's bases  Gloomycherub's bases

On Rene's bases  On Mariiii's bases  Radiuhoh's bases  on PhoebeRose's bases

Laleche's Bases  Sam's bases  Wish04's bases  The-chocolate-eater's bases  Chocotini's Bases  Juuna's bases

Silindor's bases  Hearts enchanted bases  On Crazy Dolls bases  Sera's bases

On Porcelian-doll's Bases


Misc Bases


Dolls on Forum Base:

On Eden Enchanted Bases  On Bouillies de Pixel Bases  On Pixel-Glam Bases On Pixel Princess Bases  On Pixel Empire Bases

On Roliana Bases  On Dollie Diner Bases  On Edellys Bases



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