- No frankendolling

- Don't tell my bases are yours

- Always credit me if you use, at http://Sissy-baby.deviantart.com or http://sissy-baby-dolls.sindlene.net

- Do not redistribute anywhere without my permission.

- Do not use my bases to make dollsmakers.

- For Luna Base: Minor edit are allowed, you can change skin color, make-up, add expressions...

For the other bases, edit as you like (if you make changes, show me)

- Don't redistribute your edits anywhere

- If you make edits of my bases, please send them to me at sissy_boutchou@yahoo.fr , i'll add them to the gallery.

- Enjoy! ^_^

Don't forget that i would be happy to see your dolls on my bases, so don't hesitate to show me!!



My Bases: