1st June 2017

Times runs really too fast! ;)

I've tried to restart dolling in 2014... now we are in 2017...

Fortunatelly i'm back with this new site! ^-^

My "sister" GloomyCherub is back too, and with old dolling community friends we are re-opening Pixel Empire !

so big news!

some new dolls to come and new bases to update.

Enjoy all my old content in waiting the new things very soon!


Have a wonderful day!






13th July 2014


I'm back with a new site, a new layout, a new address and a new host!!

It's always under construction at the moment but i'll update soon my new bases and dolls.

A part of old content is always up, the rest will come, so please be patient! ;)


(on my base)




~*~Latest Bases~*~


Soon more updates, i'm working on new poses for Dollie, i need to add the lovely face edit made by my dear friend Mouldycat. And, i'll add the new collab base  Mouldycat and me did, her name is Brownie, so stay around and come back soon! ^-^


~Layout base is mine~ * ~sig base~

To contact me: sissy_boutchou@yahoo.fr


Don't forget to come to see us on Pixel Empire & Pixel Princess.

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(This is not a chat room)